Dean Croft Cottage is also known as Stargazers Cottage. It is a retreat for astronomers, astrophotographers, individuals and families who are interested in looking up at the night skies. This is because of the well known dark skies of the Isle of Wight, where star parties are common.

John has a lifelong interest in the sciences, with astronomy in particular. In 2010, he was proud to be nominated in the Royal Greenwich Observatories ‘Astrophotographer of the year – newcomers section’. On clear nights, he can show you the best objects to view through his large selection of telescopes. He also offers tuition on astrophotography. For full details and fees please see-

In 2011, John created, and currently moderates, the Facebook group, ‘Disciples of the Dark Arts’. This is where anybody interested in the photography of the night time sky can get assistance and are encouraged to post their images for useful critique, see-

You can also see some examples of his work, framed on the walls of the stairways and landing in Dean Croft. All astronomy images on this website, and also on Stargazers Cottage website, are taken by John Slinn.

Please see our website dedicated for further information concerning the astronomy side of Stargazers Cottage

The Lagoon nebula, centre (M8) and at top right, the Trifid (M20) nebula
Prominences suspended over the Sun’s surface in hydrogen alpha light
The Sun’s surface in hydrogen alpha light
The Rosette nebula in narrowband colours